Friday, May 18, 2012

Jewel Box

This is Sarah's quilt.  She saw me making one 2 years ago and liked it so much she had to make one too.  She used scraps, like I did.  Finished and the binding is on.  It will go to a grandson getting married in June.  I am sure it will be a happy quilt for them.  Sorry it isnt very bright, all this rain keeps me from taking pictures outside and inside they come out looking a little yellow.  I think it is those new florescent light bulbs.  ULCK!!

10 Bags like this of scraps, yes that is alot!!  It has taken several years to collect.  There is also a bigger bag and I just found some more, OH  MY!!!

Anyway here is what most of them look like now.  The top picture is 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, 3 inch strips.  These have gone into their respective boxes.  There were some found squares, too.  These went into their baskets.  You know the strawberry baskets, they are great for the squares.

This second picture is the 4 inch strips. Half of   these are being cut into half square triangles for a scrappy quilt I am working on.  The other half will be cut into the small tumbling blocks.  I am using my Accucut to cut these.  It is really great and fast.  I be I have 300 half squares already cut.  That pile is almost gone.  Will post a picture when finished.
 Flowers for Mothers Day.  Yes, I am almost a week late, what is new. LOL at me.  The red roses are from my wonderful husband.  He takes such good care of me.  He doesnt like cut flowers because they dont last, but he got them anyway.  Only the 2nd time.  They are about gone now.

The second ones are from my dear step-son, Tyson. Such a treat.  He has done flowers before.  But this year he came home overnite for Mothers Day.  Then our son, William, got to come home Sunday nite for 2 days.  That was totally unexpected.  He had to work, but they got finished up early.  My Dad and Step-mom came for lunch, so we had a great day together.  Family is wonderful.

Last is me and the fur babies.  This is the morning scratch.  They have to have it.  Lovely PJ's , LOL. Ranger in on the left and Patch the right.  You just have to love them.
Well that is a lot to catch up on, so I am going to end for the nite.  Got to get some rest. Off to longarm group in Columbia in the morning.  Looking foward to seeing everyone.

Happy Quilting,

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vivian said...

Love the pics of the furbabies! I need to get my scraps organized-you look like you have been very busy!