Monday, December 9, 2013

Celtic Solstice

A Bonnie Hunter Mystery.  She does a mystery quilt every year starting just after Thanksgiving.  If you are interested click HERE to go to her blog, where the instructions are.   She puts out a new step every Friday. The picture above is my pallet.  I decided to keep the neutral all the same fabric.  Mainly because I didn't have much in the right color.  These bights need a whitish background.  beige would be awful.  Below is step 1.  As you can see I am behind one step.  I should be on step 2.  Well, I am sort of.  One is cut out and 2 is now cut out.  That is half the battle.  Now to find time to sew. LOL
Here is step 2 ready to sew.  Back to when I have the time. Happy Quilting, Vicki


Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki
I am happy to see you too are venturing out on a the new mystery. I think that makes 4 of us qsc so far that I have seen. Liz ( The Frog Quilter)Nancy Miller, you and myself. I don't think Nancy has linked but she is doing it also. Maybe we can have a nice show n tell next year.

norma v said...

looking great!

norma v said...

great job!

Frog Quilter said...

Yay!!! Catch up soon!