Monday, October 26, 2009

Sissors pouch

My scissor pouch wore out. I had holes in it. I use this to hold small scissors for trimming threads while quilting on the longarm. I also keep tape measure and marker in it. It has lasted me at least 4 years. Finally a hole too big to keep everything in. So, tonite I made a new one. This is and Eleanor Burns pattern from long time ago. I updated the fabric and WOW look what I have. Maybe I wont loose my scissors tomorrow. LOL I love the wacky little grimlins on the new fabric.
You know, I am getting close to 100 posts. Hummm. What can I do??? I am thinking give away. Maybe a pouch??? We will see. Watch and see what I can come up with. Sometimes I am slow posting, so dont give up on me.
Happy Quilting


vivian said...

A pouch sounds like a great give-away!! Love it!

Marj said...

I like your pouch may have to make one.
Thank you for stopping by. I will be adding an applique border to the top and bottom, then one more pieced border. But first I have to add a sleeve to a quilt for our guilds show, to be dropped off this week.

Guess I'll be busy......Marj