Monday, August 2, 2010

HOT!!!! HOT HOT!!!!

It is to darn hot to blog or breath or anything. Hope all of you are surviving this heat. Cant wait for Fall weather. Here is a picture of our new dog, Ranger. Bottom picture. I got him about 6 weeks ago. He was 4 months old. The last one in litter. He has grown, and is big for a Yorkie. He also has floppy ear just like his mom. But he is soo cute. The vet techs call him wild man. that is about right. Top picture is Patch the Wonderdog. He is wonder why I did this to him. LOL.. they are getting along ok and even playing tug of war with toys. Wayne watch your toes. LOL

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Millie said...

It is hot...and we have the humidity too! Try to stay cool.