Friday, August 19, 2011

Orangeburg Quilters Guild

At our Orangeburg Quilters guild about every 3 months we all make a block and then draw for it.  Everyone has to win before your name can go back in the pot.  This is the latest block.  The block is 12 inch finished.  We laid out the ones turned in so far (not due until Oct., mine is finished).  They look great.  I am not eligible, so I may just have to make this one for myself.  I love the 3D effect.

Didnt get to sew this afternoon.  Thunderstorms!  Then was cooking supper, just started, and the power went off.  So...... we had to go out to eat.  Stuffed the food in the fridge.  On the way out we found out what knocked the power out this time.  A car hit a main power pole.  I am sure there was more than one car involved.  And I am sure there were injuries, if not fatalities.  Most of that was gone, just the power company and a patrolman to help with the traffic.  There was a smashed car in the ditch.  I did say a quick prayer for whoever.  And I felt bad about fussing about the power company, again.  It wasnt their fault this time.  This is the 3rd power outage in about 3 weeks.

So, hopefully I will get some quilting done tomorrow.

Happy Quitling, Vicki


Marj said...

The blocks are very neat, I think you should make a set for yourself.

rooee said...

What a fun project for your guild. Great blocks!

Teresa said...

That's a great looking quilt for the block exchange.