Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Design Wall Monday???

OOP!  it is Wednesday.  What happened.  Wayne (DH) was in Fla with the camera.  He went with his son on a school trip.  The son is a high school science teacher and every spring he takes 9th graders to the Keys to swim in the barrier reefs and then to Tampa to Bush Gardens and swimming with the manatees.  So, Wayne took the camera, but no pictures.  Next time I will just keep the camera home. 

The design wall is empty, cause I have been sewing those pesky pieces together.  This does not go together well.  But here is where I am.  Now I am down to 8 slices to combine to make a star.  Maybe by next Monday??? 

And here is a flower from the mystery quilt.  The new step is to add diamonds to the hexies to get leaves on the flowers.  Looks really cool., I am loving it.

I am also working on covering some sailboat cushions for our son.  We have the piping made, yes, Wayne is helping.  He cut out all of the pieces and I am doing most of the sewing.  Tho he did sew some of the piping this morning while I was at the doctors office.  I am proud of him.  He used my Viking D1, which he is afraid of, he did great.  Will get pictures when I have something to take a picture of, like a cushion.

Happy Quilting,

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vivian said...

Ha-Wayne sounds like me! So many times I carry my camera and forget to take pics! Love your hexie flower.