Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stash Report

No new fabric in or out this week.  Been busy with doctor appts and getting my Canada friends quilts ready to go back to Canada.  Barbara's are finished, now on to Heathers.  Barbara is leaving this week, got hers done just in time.  Now to get Heathers quilted, I have until the end of April, so hopefully will get hers finished also.  If she doesnt bring more. LOL.... every week she brings me another one.  She is on a UFO clean up.

I have been sewing, working on those hexie flowers.  The next step came in the mystery. I have 3 flowers to add leaves to, the on to the next part.  I am not telling you until I get a few made and can post a picture.
I got one boat seat covered for my son.  If you dont know, I am recovering boat seats from the 1970's . the fabric was very worn and very ugly, orange and brown plaid.  ULCK... the new fabric is marine vinyl and royal blue.  much nicer.  I am not counting the marine vinyl in my stash, cause it would NEVER be in my stash under normal conditions.  for real.


Fabric in 0
Fabric out 0

total for year used 47 3/4 yrd
total added 21 1/3
net usage 28 1/2

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Happy Quilting, Vicki

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vivian said...

Hey Vicki-Sounds like you are staying busy! Mom and me are heading your way Tuesday to the quilt shop. Just a day trip to get out of the house! If you know of a good place for lunch let me know We usually like to eat where the locals eat!