Sunday, March 31, 2013

Stash Report

Nothing new here.  0 in  and 0 out.  Still working on Gyleen's Mystery and Williams boat seats. 

Friday was William's 25 birthday, for those of you that dont know, that is our youngest son.  We went to visit him, took him to lunch and Home Depot.  We gave him our old TV that wasnt too old, a 42 inch hdtv.  He had a 13 inch from before high school.  Then after we left him, we stopped at the PX at Ft Jackson and got us a new TV.  It would have been cheeper to by him a new 32 inch tv.  Trust me on this one.  The new one is 55 inchs.  Wayne is happy.  It is Netflix capable, so you know that is coming soon. 

Drove right by JoAnns.  I didnt even want to stop. Good for me.  So the stash report is the same as last week.

Fabric in 0

Fabric out 0

total for year used 47 3/4 yrd

total added 21 1/3

net usage 28 1/2

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Happy Quilting, Vicki

1 comment:

Beth in MN said...

What a good stash usage report! The Hubby and son are enjoying their TV's! LOL Keeps them out of the quilting room. Grin---